2019 SJSP 

Hair for Food Challenge

Whose head should we shave?

Vote with your dollars!  All money will go to Mary's Meals to feed the 1,142 children at Chaone Primary School in Malawi for an entire year.  The instructor with the most money as of  Friday morning, June 28th (week 2) at 8:15am will have his/her head shaved after the camp Mass!  If long enough, the hair will be donated to Locks of Love.  To save your favorite instructor's hair, put money in another instructor's jar!  You can vote online by clicking here or by donating in person at camp.

Meet the Instructors!

              Amy                       Greg                     Erin                     Eric                    Emma                    Sean

       Gateau                Lawrence               Vance                    Bain                    Davis                    Harris              

Kudos to these brave and adventurous instructors.  They love our children at Chaone Primary School more than their own hair!

Click image for more info on our project

$19.50 feeds a hungry child

for an entire year!

As of 6-28-19 at 8:55am (Online donations only.  Does not include cash donations at camp).  Voting closes at 9:00am

100% of the money raised will go to Mary's Meals!

Enter the name of the instructor for whom you're voting in the donation message box to have your donation count against them.

Click here to vote/donate!


Remember!  The instructor with the most money at the end of the challenge will have his/her head shaved.

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