2020 SJSP Mulch Sale

Buy Mulch - Feed a child!

Our goal is to raise $24,633 to feed 1,173 children at Chaone Primary School for a year through Mary's Meals!  Thank you to everyone who helped us raise $50,000 over the last two years through this and other fundraisers.  Join us in feeding these children for another year!

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100% of our profits will go to Mary's Meals! 

Feed a child for a year with every 15 bags purchased!

         Natural Shredded Hardwood                        Dyed Black Hardwood                           Dyed Red Hardwood

                   $4.75/3 cu. ft. bag                                     $4.75/2 cu. ft. bag                                   $4.75/2 cu. ft. bag    

Savings!  Price reduced to $4.50/bag on orders of 50+ bags.

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