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When you choose to work as an instructor at  St. John's Summer Program, you are choosing to become a summer missionary for the Catholic Church... right here in St. Mary's County!  It's so much more than "just another summer job."  We expect instructors to approach the summer with a desire to give their summer to God; to lead others to Christ while growing in their own knowledge and love of Christ and the Catholic Church's teachings; and to serve as a positive, Catholic role model for the children who will be in their care.


If you will be a rising high school senior to a rising college senior and are interested in applying for a staff position at St. John's Summer Program, please apply.  Rising juniors may apply by invitation.  Before applying, we ask that you have a personal email account and a cell phone in order to provide that information.  If hired, you will need either a checking or savings account set up for direct deposit. Please click the blue box below to apply.  God bless!


We are fully staffed for 2023. Please apply next February for 2024

Employment Forms - If you are hired, you will need to complete a series of employment forms which will be emailed to you.

Direct Deposit   - All payroll is handled via direct

deposit.  Employees must have a checking or savings account.




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