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Parents & Campers

Thank you for being a part of this unique experience we started in 2011 called St. John's Summer Program.   You've helped us grow into the largest summer camp in Southern Maryland. 


A few years ago we invited campers to invite instructors  to dinner, and we're extending the invitation again this summer.  One of our goals is to replace actors, athletes and musicians, who serve as role models for so many of our children, with young, local Catholics who love Christ.  One way to foster that relationship is for them to spend time together outside of Summer Program. If your child would like to invite a few instructors to your home for dinner, please contact Rich Olon ( to make arrangements.


Photos - check out photos and videos of Summer Program HERE!


Medications - After consultation with MD Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (state govt. body that oversees summer camps), the only forms of medication allowed at camp are EpiPens and Inhalers.  Parents must have the Authorization form below completed by their health care provider (prescriber) - IN FULL - and must submit it to the Summer Program office staff for approval no later than the Wednesday preceding the child's first day of camp.



  - EpiPen Authorization Form

  - Inhaler Authorization Form

  - Action Plan (or feel free to draft or use your own)


   For those children who do not reside in a U.S. state

   or territory:

  - MD Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene

    Immunization Certificate - one of many

          acceptable Record of Immunization forms.

          This form is required if your child does not reside

          in a U.S. state or territory.

  - Vaccine Requirements - a list of vaccines required

          by the State of MD based on a child's age.




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