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St. John's 2023 Summer Program

Class Schedule



Click a button above to view and print the class descriptions or the class schedule.



Multiple child discounts will now be applied as a percentage discount at the end of registration.  For more information, check out our dates/rates page.

Click the red button to the left of a class name to read a brief description.

Air and Space Camp.jpg
Babysitter Training.jpg
Camper vs Wild.jpg
Cake Boss.jpg
App Coding adn Gaming Design.jpg
4-3-2023 Schedule a.jpg
Amazing Arts.jpg
America, The Beautiful.jpg
Combat Archery.jpg
Dance Party.jpg
Dinosaur Days.jpg
Girl Power.jpg
Gross & Fun Science.jpg
Hot Wheels.jpg
Jewelry Making.jpg
Jr. Olympics.jpg
LEGO Masters.jpg
Lucky Dog Camp.jpg
Marvel Universe.jpg
Nerf Wars.jpg
Once Upon A Time.jpg
Pies A Plenty.jpg
Princesses & Knights.jpg
Sew Much Fun.jpg
Stars and Seas.jpg
Stuffed Animal Design.jpg
4-3-2023 Schedule c.jpg
4-3-2023 Schedule b.jpg
4-3-2023 Schedule d.jpg
Origami and Balloon Arts.jpg
Mixed Martial Arts.jpg
Drawing and Sketching.jpg
Sparky Boom Boom.jpg
Great Outdoors.jpg
Bubble Guppies.jpg
Project Runway.jpg
Graphic Design.jpg
Stop Motion Film Making.jpg
Escape Room.jpg
Diners Drive-Ins and Dives 2.jpg
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