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SJSP Mustard Seed Mission Trip!  May 2017

Our SJSP team of instructors and volunteers will spend May 20-27th in Jamaica caring for abandoned and disabled children and young adults, and children affected by HIV/AIDS. We will share our faith and love with these children while also completing different work projects to improve the places where they live, learn and play.

The work will be impactful, yet challenging, and our goals are both worthy and ambitious. We cannot succeed without the prayers and financial support of our family and friends!

Your gift - of any size - will help as we strive to improve the lives of the children at MSC Jamaica. Since many of these children will never see the world, we will bring the world to them. Your gift provides food, clothing, medicine, shelter and most importantly the care and love of our mission volunteers. 

Thank you for visiting and please share our mission with others!


Founded in 1978, Mustard Seed Communities (MSC) now cares for over 600 children throughout Jamaica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Zimbabwe. MSC's mission is to uplift and care for the world's most vulnerable populations, including children with disabilities, abandoned children affected by HIV/AIDS, teenage mothers and urban families living in severe poverty. MSC aims to improve the economic, social and spiritual conditions in all of the communities that we serve.

You can financially help in three ways: 1) with our diaper drive, 2) by helping fund our team, and/or 3) by purchasing an item from our giving tree to be delivered on our visit.  Click an image below to learn more about each.




 Thank you to everyone who donated, supported and followed our mission trip to Mustard Seed in Jamaica! We had what can only be described as a life-changing trip and hope to return sometime in the near future!

Meet our Mission Team!

    Hannah Lawrence                 Sarah Schachterle                      Matt Fuller                           Chris Limjuco

        Jessiah Rojas                           Ryan Miller                             Rich Olon                        Mary-Alice Raddatz

       Gracie Hammel                       Allie Harper                        Holly Kaufmann                    Elise Carney

   Fr. Samuel Plummer

Below are some photos from our mission trip!

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