2020 SJSP 

Eyebrows for Food Challenge


What would you do to feed 1,173 starving children for a year?

These SJSP 2020 Instructors are willing to shave their eyebrows!

Vote with your dollars!  All money will go to Mary's Meals to feed the 1,173 children at Chaone Primary School in Malawi for an entire year.  To reach $25,000 with everything going on this summer, we knew we'd have to go big.  This is our idea of big!  We'll trade our eyebrows for food to feed the children at Chaone Primary School!  Our eyebrows... your money... their food!  To vote, just click on one of the links below, which will take you to our Mary's Meals donation page.  In the "public message" box, note the staff member's name and whether you want your donation to go toward shaving or saving his/her eyebrows!  Eyebrow status can be viewed below.  Red means danger!  Green means safe!  "Save" money will be added to the balance and "Shave" money will be deducted from the balance.  Voting ends Wednesday morning, July 8th, at 8:30am.  Instructors with a positive (green) balance will keep their eyebrows.  Instructors with a negative (red) balance will lose their eyebrows that morning on the morning show! You can vote online by clicking here  or by donating in person at camp. 

100% of the money raised will go to Mary's Meals!

Final Amount raised through our Eyebrows for Food Challenge...


AMAZING!!!  Thanks to everyone who donated!  Not only did you help us raise enough money to feed Chaone Primary School (1,173 students) for the next year, but enough to also feed A SECOND SCHOOL - Glory Academy in Liberia (353 students).  May God bless your generosity!

Meet Our Contestants!

Schadegg Maddie.jpg




Papp Danny.jpg





Cooper Andrew.jpg






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Del Giudice, Carmella.jpg


    Del Giudice    



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Mesmer, Olivia.jpg




Eslabon, Matthew.jpg





Young, Kyia.jpg




             30 staff participating to                shave eyebrows 

Baden, Paul.jpg




Schmidt, Fr. Ray.jpg

              Aquaman Eyebrow Slits  


         Fr. Ray             



Olon Rich.jpg



  Challenge met. 30 staff participating


Donations made that cannot be tied to a staff member will be considered "Shave" votes and deducted from the highest positive (green) total (split in the event of a tie).   You can vote online by clicking here or by donating in person at camp.

Kudos to these brave and adventurous SJSP staff members.  They love our children at Chaone Primary School more than their own brows!

$21.00 feeds a hungry child for an entire year!

Click image for more info on our project

Click here to vote/donate!


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