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With lots of help we raised $176,113 over the past six years, which was more than enough to feed the 1,000 children at Chaone Primary School in Malawi each year. 

Thank you for your generous support! Please join us this summer as we do it again!

Mary's Meals wrote about our journey.  Click HERE to read the story! 

And read our school report and meet some of our children by clicking HERE!


At St. John’s Summer Program, our staff of high school and college students loves our young children who are so blessed to not experience real hunger.  Knowing that there are children, the same age as our campers, who go to bed hungry at night, has ignited a desire to do more – to sponsor and feed the 1,000 children at Chaone Primary School in Malawi for an entire year. Over the last six years, through many fundraisers and generous donors, we raised $176,113, enough money to feed Chaone Primary School students for five entire years, plus a second school in 2020 - Glory Academy in Liberia with 353 students! Thank you for your support! Please join us in doing it again this summer!  May God bless your generosity!


“Around the world, 61 million children are hungry and do not attend school. They work or beg in order to survive.   By providing meals in schools, hungry children are encouraged to attend school and receive an education that may one day be their ladder out of poverty. For many of these children, this is also the only nutritious meal they will receive that day.”


Today, Mary's Meals feeds more than 2.4 million children around the world, including 30% of Malawi’s entire elementary school population.


Please consider supporting us in this effort to share our love with the children of Malawi.  Just $21.00 feeds one child for an entire school year- a simple act of love that will give hope to some of the world’s most vulnerable children. 


With deep gratitude,

St. John’s Summer Program Staff 2023

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The story of Mary's Meals

Stories from the children of Mary's Meals

"Mary's Meals is a series of lots of little acts of love. If you put all those acts of sacrifice together, it creates a beautiful thing"

                    - Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow,

                      Mary's Meals Founder and CEO


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